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Stop the Damage, Stop the Noise....

Do you hear strange noises coming from inside your wall space or attic? Are you hearing thumping, scratching, or tapping sounds? There's a good chance you have uninvited guests living within the walls of your home. Not only are they making noise, but they're also very likely causing damage and creating a health risk. The good news is you don't have to live with it any longer. You can affordably bring peace and security back to your home with Dart's wildlife removal services.

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Dart Removes Nuisance Rodents and Wildlife

You don't have to put up with destructive and annoying wildlife any longer. The sooner you address the problem, the more time, money, and aggravation you save. We've been removing nuisance wildlife in Tennessee for several years. We humanely remove the wildlife using live traps and repair the damage so new wildlife can't take their place.

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Types of Wildlife We Remove

Dart Pest Control has the experience and equipment to remove nearly any type of wildlife from your home or yard.

  • Squirrels

    Chewing on anything from wires to insulation, squirrels can cause extensive damage to your home. They breed at high rates quickly turning small damage into big and costly damage.

  • Rats

    Also known as roof rats because they tend to live in attics, rats can create a lot of property damage. They will tear up insulation to build nests and chew on the casing of electrical wires and pipes. They also carry mites and ticks.

  • Raccoons

    The masked nuisance that rummages through garbage cans and steals your dog’s food. They are notorious for hosting dangerous diseases like rabies, salmonella, and E. Coli. They will attack and kill small livestock like chickens.

  • beavers

    Felling trees and blocking waterways is what beavers live to do. However, if left unchecked and in the wrong location, their handy work can lead to flooding and damage to your property.

  • bats

    Similar to squirrels, bats can easily cause wall, insulation, and electrical damage. They can also spread disease with their guano droppings.

  • opossums

    The unpredictable opossum can cause considerable damage to your home and attic spaces. They will tear out insulation and use it for nesting, and are one of the louder and more intrusive types of wildlife we remove.


The Dart Wildlife Removal Process

After you've received your free estimate, you can set up a service removal date. Often times we can start the service immediately. Appropriate live traps are set. Our traps are live traps meaning they will not kill the animal. We do everything possible to humanely capture the nuisance animal and keep it comfortable. Traps are checked at least once every 24 hours.

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Damage Repairs

Just as important as removing the wildlife is preventing recurrences. We locate any access points such as holes and damaged areas and seal them off, eliminating opportunities for other animals in the area.

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We Make Wildlife Removal Easy

Contact Us – Send us a message to let us what’s going on and schedule your free onsite estimate.

Get Your Free Estimate – We show up on time for your free estimate. After we assess your situation, we generate a quote that includes everything — no hidden fees.

Wildlife Removal – On the scheduled date and time, we'll come by and set up our traps and begin the process of trapping and repairs.

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