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Termidor CertifiedThere are lots of termite control products available today but Dart Pest uses only the best! Termidor® termiticide/insecticide has maintained its status as the #1 termite defense product in the United States for years. Termidor utilizes a unique non-repellent, or “undetectable,” chemical technology, which termites can’t see, smell, taste, or avoid. This technology gives Termidor a level of efficacy no other termite control system of any type has ever achieved. Simply put, there is no better choice for termite defense than Termidor. Termidor is applied in low doses and is virtually odorless, so you won’t even know it’s there. You will, however, have no doubt that it works.

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The Termidor “Transfer Effect”

Whenever a termite ingests or touches Termidor, it can become a “carrier,” transferring Termidor to other termites it contacts. These termites in turn can become secondary carriers, behaving normally while they transfer Termidor to other termites they contact—and so on within the colony. Because Termidor is slow-acting, individual termites have ample time to transfer it to others in the population. This unique, spiraling process is called the “Transfer Effect,” and it helps Termidor deliver devastating results to termites in order to maximize protection of your structure.

How Termidor Works

Flexible application options allow your pest professional to determine what type of Termidor® termiticide/insecticide treatment will work best for your particular situation. If there are no active termites in your home, Termidor will help ensure there won’t be any in the future. This not only protects your peace of mind, but adds value to your home as well.

Can’t detect. Can’t avoid.

Termidor utilizes an advanced non-repellent, or “undetectable,” liquid technology. That means termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid it. Instead, they contact, ingest, and share Termidor, completely unaware that doing so inevitably will kill them.

Kills termites several ways

When termites eat Termidor-treated material, they will die. But Termidor doesn’t stop there. It kills termites by contact as well. And since termites can’t detect its presence, termites directly ingest and contact Termidor as they go about their normal routines. This dual action alone sets Termidor apart from many other termite control products. But the unique Termidor “Transfer EffectTM” elevates its effectiveness to a whole new level.