Starting at
$55.00 per month*

*up to 1/3 of an acre

Treatment Period:

Your property will be serviced monthly during:
March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October

  • Inspections

    We will inspect for possible breeding sites

  • Recommendations

    We will give recommendations for correcting conditions

  • Treatment

    We’ll kill mosquitos and their eggs

  • Monitoring

    We offer routine monitoring and treatment of your site

Schedule Treatment

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Why Let mosquitoes have all the fun in your backyard? Enjoy the outside again. Bite Back! At just $55.00 per treatment we can help bite back so you can enjoy your yard again!



Most mosquitoes rest in landscaping, trees and foliage around your property before they bite you and your family. Dart will treat landscaping, foliage and foundation around the property with a residual adulticide to reduce the population of mosquitoes in there resting sites. Dart will treat the mosquito breeding sites on the property with a larvicide to help prevent mosquito larvae from developing into adults.



Mosquitoes are most active in the warmer months of March thru October when you tend to use your backyard the most. Our mosquito management program provides for routine service during the warmer months when you need it most.