Don’t Let Horse-flies Ruin Your Backyard Fun

Dart Pest horse fly

Don’t Let Horse-flies Ruin Your Backyard Fun

There’s nothing more annoying than becoming a snack bar for backyard pests. You just want to enjoy your  Saturday grilling out with family, playing corn hole with firends and relaxing in the pool. Instead, the kids are screaming and ducking under water trying to hide from the horse-flies and you’re headed to the store to buy yet another economy size can of bug repellant that won’t last the afternoon. We have a better solution.

Horse-fly bites are painful. The female bites to obtain protein from blood to produce eggs.The mouthparts of females are formed into a stout stabbing organ with two pairs of sharp cutting blades, and a sponge like part used to lap up the blood that flows from the wound. Female horse-flies can transfer blood born diseases through their feeding habits.  When you’ve been bitten by a horse-fly, there is usually a raised area of skin around the bite and other symptoms may include a rash, dizziness, weakness, wheezing, and a temporary itchy, pink or red swelling occurring around the eyes or lips. A few people experience an allergic reaction. Washing and applying a cold compress may relieve some of these symptoms. Scratching the wound should be avoided. In most case the symptoms subside within a few hours but if the wound becomes infected, you should seek medical advice.

Save on medical bills and hassle by hiring Dart Pest Control to tame your horsefly infestation.

Horse-Fly Reduction Plans include:

  • INSPECTIONS- We will inspect for possible breeding sites
  • RECOMMENDATIONS- We will give recommendations for correcting conditions
  • TREATMENT- We’ll kill the horse-flies you have and deter more from showing up
  • FOLLOWUP- We’ll re-treat 30 days after initial treatment, if needed
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